Our Story

Celebrating 105 years- August 15, 1915, Andalusia Motor Co was founded.

That's a lot of time to remain in business!!

Our customers have voted us the best used car dealer and best used car sales for 2 years in a row in the Star News Readers Choice (local Paper).

Wow, what can I say. Its been 53 years selling cars in this small town. Actually, I've been in the car business my whole life. Following my dad and grand-dad around the Ford store as a small child. I've been an errand boy, floor sweeper, car washer, parts worker, a service worker, a bookkeeper, sales person, sales manager, general manger and dealer in a new car store for 26 years...and then I got to do this for the last 26 years and its been fun. Instead of selling only Fords I sell what my customers want...which might be a Ford, a Dodge , a Nissan, a Honda, a Kia ,Hyundai or a Chevy. No one dictates to me what cars I can have on my lot, so I actually work for you and the free market. I want to sell you a great car..the very best I can buy. They say at the auctions that I am a "picky buyer". My customers like that..and you will too. Call me.. the phone number is 334-has-cars, I want to work for you.

Ward Taylor-owner: & the only person you have to see to get a great deal